by Robert T



I was talking to a lady friend who does yoga and she was asking if I had any longer even more ambient tracks that she could use, I didnt, but I had some things I was working on, and this was the result of my concept and her suggestion enjoy.... Robert T

A lady I know who is a synesthete meditated using this track and what she got out of this was this :

"The vast reckless abandon. A spacious amalgamation of monstrous monuments. An understanding so far and vast beyond the human understanding one would need to live several lifetimes to even see a fraction.

I smell all the sensations of a gravitational magnetic space. The iron and soil. From nothingness came a crawling light....so beautiful and dangerous it slips and coils out of the dark...forever expanding. Consuming and flooding everything in it's path. Enveloped in death and love. My cells hurt from a frustration of remembering. Remembering when I could see the infinite. All at the same time.

The colors I see I cannot even describe. They do not exist within our color spectrum. Heliotropes....silvery purples....holographic shapes beyond understanding. They move like violin strings and ripple through time itself.

My head is ringing like a bell. Blue fluttering sparkle firework like lights are flashing in my eyes. Standing on the outer limits of existence "they" lie in wait. The universe refracting off their faces of gleaming silver. Floating, drowning....in a black hole of trillions of stars. Forever falling into a gravity one cannot fight. Blue orbs everywhere. The source. Dripping in rainbows and gleaming gold. Falling stars until the end of time."

I cant think of a better way to describe this track or any track for that matter!


released May 19, 2016

All Robert T , including photograph and GFX



all rights reserved


Robert T Riverview, New Brunswick

Retired Air traffic controller and father of 2 , now an electronic musician melding 70s analog synthesis with 90s beats.

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